Black Holes//Gravity and Gravitation//General Relativity//Event Horizon//Schwarzschild Radius//Einstein's General Theory of Relativity

Mechanics//Gravity and Gravitation//Escape Velocity//Principle of Launching of Satellite//The Motion of Satellite//Orbital Velocity//Geostationary Satellite

Mechanics//Work Energy and Power//Conservative and Non Conservative Forces//Examples of Conservative and Non Conservative Forces//Properties of Conservative Forces//Potential Energy//Gravitational Potential Energy

Mechanics // Laws of Motion // Newton's Second Law of Motion // Newton's Third Law of Motion // Action and Reaction // Impulse

Laws of Motion // Newton's Law of Motion // Newton's First Law of Motion // Linear Momentum // Inertia of Rest // Inertia of Motion

What is Kinematics? // Motion and Rest position of the Objects // What is Distance and Displacement?

What is Physics? // Fundamental Units and Derived Units // System of Units

What is the scientific point of view towards witchcraft, devils and demons? // What are the historical approaches to understand the witchcraft?

Does Parallel Universe exist? // If it exists, then where does it exist? // How the Parallel Universe is related to our Universe?

Origin of Gravity and its Importance in the formation of Galaxies, Stars and Large Scale Structure in the Universe

Mystery of Black Hole and Astrophysical phenomenon happening inside it

The Combination of Astrophysics and Astronomy resolving the mystery of Dark matter, Dark energy and Black holes