Space, time and matter at the edge of black hole and the activities around massive object black holes

Death of stars by supernova explosion and origin of black holes in the universe

The oscillatory universe

The laws of thermodynamics

Expansion of the Universe

Light close to a black hole

The isotropic radiation

Physics of black holes

Formation of Black Holes

First studies in Big Bang

Preliminary Research in Big Bang

Concept of Big Bang

Demerits of Black Holes

Merits of Black Holes

Merits and Demerits of Black Holes

Types of Black Holes

Revolutionary theory of the Black Holes and how they formed in preliminary space time region

Magnetic Field

Cosmic Rays

How did Hubble explore the universe was expanding? And the role of Einstein in understanding the present universe

What happened before 13.7 billion years and does it cause the beginning of universe ,galaxies and stars?