What happened before 13.7 billion years and does it cause the beginning of universe ,galaxies and stars?

 Before 13.7 billion years, an event occurred which gave rise to the early universe. A massive explosion occurred from this event in space  time; all those things which can be touched, seen and experienced came into existence. Even that form of energy and matter which cannot be touched, seen and experienced also arose there. Nobody knows about the reason and time of big expansion exactly. One cannot find the questions like: what did cause the big bang? Why did occur this event? Who did cause this event? We neither know the reason of origin of the universe nor will be able to know about this fact but however the birth of the present universe was from the big bang. But also how can one say that this universe is from big bang. How can we say that this universe and the galaxies are the result of a tiny atom like particle? There is a little bit research that has been done yet. 

 Figure: Evolution of the universe

Nobody knows mystery of the expansion of the universe but the people believe and support to this concept. This is remaining to search the proof of existence of big bang that began in ancient time period . But however some scientific theory tends to prove big bang.


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