Mystery of Black Hole and Astrophysical phenomenon happening inside it

When you go near to a black hole, its gravitational attraction energy becomes stronger and stronger. This can affect everything like stars, including Earth and the sun.

There is a point called the event horizon from which a black hole is limited. Every black hole has its own event horizon. The black hole may have the mass of a single star of as much as the combined mass of the millions and billions of stars in the universe. An event horizon surrounds each black hole, similar to an imaginary sphere in the space. This will serve as the boundary of no return.

The next thing that will happen is very interesting and mind blowing for us - firstly, when you go near to a black hole you will be able to watch here and there. Because, your foot are closer to the central point of the black hole, its pulling energy is stronger on your lower part of body than on the upper part of your body.

On looking downward: you will see your foot getting drawn away from the rest of your body. Consequently, your whole of the body part becomes elongated like a bubble gum. In astrophysical language it is known as "spaghettification". Finally your entire body becomes stretched into a single thread. Then everybody will consider it as an interesting event in the universe.

Figure: Process of  Spaghettification

Consider for an example, everything, including your whole body at the center of black hole collapses into a single point.

But we are lucky and thankful in the sense that we are far away from such a giant object in the universe. Researches suggest that you will have no idea once you approach a black hole.

Don't show silliness, falling into a black hole to understand the astrophysical possesses. This decision will be very dangerous even you can not imagine. For a long period of time, the researchers and scientists have been studying about this mysterious phenomenon. The recent observation and the discoveries show that black hole is helping in giving the shape to the universe.