Does Parallel Universe exist? // If it exists, then where does it exist? // How the Parallel Universe is related to our Universe?


There are so many ideas and hypotheses that predict the existence of another world. Specially, myth, legend and religion are considered to raise this issue. The examples of alternative universes are Heaven, Hell, Olympus and Valhalla. Plato who developed the Platonism and it says that upper realm is perfect and the lower earthly realm is an imperfect shadow of the upper. It is considered that lower part is similar but with many drawbacks.

Figure: Parallel Universe 

There is also a conceptual thought in Hindu Mythology such as Puranas which suggested so many universes each with its own gods. Likewise in Persian literature, "The Adventures of Bulukiya", a story in the One Thousand and One Nights, expresses the protagonist Bulukiya experiencing of other alternative worlds/universes which are similar to but however different from his own.

There are a number of science fiction examples such as Murray Leinster's "Sidewise in Time", where the portions of parallel worlds replace corresponding geographical portions in this world. Again, in "Sidewise in Time" it is described that requirement of both longitude and latitude coordinates in order to locate your location on the Earth. In that book, travelling along longitude is to travel perpendicularly to time and travelling along latitude is akin to time travel moving through past, present and future. Also, example of parallel universe is "another dimension" according to which 4th dimension is time and the 5th dimension is a direction at right angled to the 4th dimension - are parallel realities.

Again in present literatures, an alternative worlds can be divided into two groups to allow for tales that violate the laws of nature and to act as a leading point for speculative fiction. The examples of the first involve Terry Pratchett's Discworld and C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, and second involve Harry Turtledove's Worldwar Series.

An alternative world can serve as a central point, also it can be mentioned and then cancelled, being served its aim of developing a realm unconstrained by realism. The already mentioned Discworld mentions our universe or any other universes as setting the books on an alternative world instead of our reality is to allow for magic on the Disk. Likewise the Chronicles of Narnia employs it to a lesser view - the thought of parallel world are brought up but shortly mentioned in the introduction and ending. The main purpose was to bring the protagonist from our reality to the setting of the books.